USE OF STONE IN DISEASES - Treatment with stones

Allergy, allergic dermatitis - zircon, coral, aventurine, malachite, lazurite, sapphire, sulfur, amber, pearl.

Alcoholism - amethyst, amber, grinding stone (rub into powder, mix with vinegar, take inside).

Insomnia is turquoise in silver, topaz, amethyst, lazuli, ruby, coral, moonstone, sapphire, emerald, diamond.

Infertility is a jasper (binding or attaching below the abdomen), sarder, emerald (both put on the night).

Lung genera - jasper (tethered), mountain crystal

Pregnancy is preserved - lazuli, amber.

Diseases of female and male genital organs are amethyst.

Diseases of the uterus - stinging stone, gagat

Joint pain - magnetite (hold in hands), marcasit (attach to the patient's joint), coral, topaz, ruby, cat's eye.

Pain of different nature (colic) - sardonyx, coral, onyx striped, carnelian, lasarite, jasper.

Bronchial asthma - sapphire, amber, carnelian (yellow-orange), malachite, moonstone, tiger's eye, lasarite, topaz, cat eye, ruby, pearls

Hydrotherapy, swelling - moonstone.

Hair loss is agate, lazurite, aventurine

Headaches, migraines - jade, gaghat (pendant on the neck), amethyst, carnelian - put on the eyes and points of acupuncture.

Deficiency of body weight - antimonite, sapphire.

Diabetes - pearls, sapphires, emeralds

Disease of the eye - amber, bloodthirst, ruby, agate, emerald (worn around the neck).

Star-staring - jade, olivine, chrysolite, lapis lazuli, gagat, turquoise.

Reduces the tension in the eyes and myopia - topaz, chrysoprase, white chalcedony

It gives a shine, stops lacrimation, strengthens the skin of the eye - coral, pyrite.

Removes excess - mountain crystal (finely pounded with water in powder), gagat.

Cataract - ghat, turquoise

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach pain, disorder, dysentery) - jasper (necklace should reach the stomach area), emerald.

Abdominal pain is a bloody man.

Hemorrhoidal cones - carnelian, sulfur (ignition).

Ulcers of the intestine, stomach ache - coral (in the form of necklaces).

Chronic diseases of the stomach - aquamarine

Harmonization of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract - amethyst.

Exacerbation of taste sensations - topaz


Disease of the skin.

Eczema - sulfur with vinegar for lubrication, carnelian, amber, lasagne, diamond, sapphire, pearl, emerald, malachite (powdered with vinegar, lubricate the diseased skin area).

Improves skin color - amazonite

Psoriasis is an emerald.

Warts - aventurine

Disease of the blood, anemia - carnelian, ruby, topaz, cat eye, coral, moonstone, bloodthirsty.

Spine disease, back pain - carnelian, laparoscopic, amber, jadeite, sulfur, sapphire, moonstone, ruby, coral, topaz, cat eye.

Diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract - lapis lazuli, white jade, jadeite, heliodor, heliotrope (bladder stones), hyacinth (difficulty urinating) rhinestone (stones in the kidneys), coral, moonstone, krovavyk (venereal disease in men) jet

amber, sapphire, emerald - contribute to the release of stones

Diseases of the spleen (enlargement, compaction, tumors) - coral, carnelian, amber. When the spleen is thickened, it is a sharpening stone (kneaded into powder, mixed with vinegar, on the tip of a knife).

Strengthens the heart - coral, amber (hold in hand, worn around the neck).

Regulates palpitation - jade (red), tiger's eye

Strengthens vessels - agate, sapphire, ruby, emerald, chrysolite, pomegranate, malachite, heliodor, alexandrite.


Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system

Asthenia, depletion of the nervous system - lazuli, amazonite, malachite, bloodthirst, chrysoberyl, moonstone

Soothing effect, strengthening memory - topaz and alexandrite (in a pair), coral, emerald (on the neck).

Shedding in a dream is a mountain crystal.

Take night-time fears - lazuli, azurite, chrysolite, emerald, turquoise, ruby.

Take off hysterical reactions - coral, ruby, zheeide, cat eye, amber, emerald

Ticks, convulsions and convulsive conditions - gagat (necklaces on the neck), agate, magnetite, malachite, sapphire, coral.

Do sedative soothing effect - Sardonyx, rock crystal, sapphire

Toothpaste Strengthening the teeth and brightening them - sulfur, coral, and amber

Disease of the mucous membrane of the mouth - aquamarine in silver, beryl.

Reduces toothache - beryl, malachite, carnelian in silver.

Exhaustion is a moonstone

Bleeding - sapphire, turquoise, amber, carnelian, chrysoprase, sardonyx, red jasper, alexandrite.

 Nasal haemorrhages - chalcedony, hematite, heliotrope

Feverish conditions, infectious diseases, sepsis - jasper, ruby, pearl, diamond, sapphire, emerald in gold, garnet, tourmaline (infectious disease), amber, carnelian (malaria), grindstone (pounded into powder and applied to the chest fine treats mastitis ), Malachite (cholera), moonstone. Melancholia, hallucinations - zircon, pearls, ruby ​​and pomegranate (depression), lazurite, mosquito, azurite

It is not clear that the tongue is tangled - rock crystal, jasper, emerald, topaz, ruby, sapphire, gagat, moonstone.

Burns - amethyst

Oncological diseases - lazurite, carnelian (ablation), coral, amber

Poisoning - agate, emerald,