Necklace "Saturn" Pearls, coral, mother-of-pearl

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Pearls are a symbol of femininity, tenderness and grace, prosperity and well-being, an elixir of youth. They drive away melancholy and worries, restore lost strength, preserve beauty. Strengthen feelings of love and deep friendship. They promote mutual understanding, relaxation and inner mental balance.

Mother of pearl is a symbol of female energy and wisdom. A source of health, mysterious strength and beauty. Develops intuition, oratorical abilities. Keeps peace and tranquility in the family. Eliminates conflicts in the team. Protects the house from evil spirits. Helps in trade and during travels.

Coral is a symbol of happiness, hope and tender love. Contributes to couple relations and the development of family happiness. Gives strength and courage to overcome difficulties. It serves as an energy shield that protects you from negative energy influences, sadness and grief.

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Data sheet

Type of product Necklace
Fireplace inserts Pearls, mother-of-pearl, coral
Color Red, white
Horoscope 02: Овен, Тілець, Близнята, Рак, Діва, Терези, Скорпіон, Стрілець, Козеріг, Водолій
Sex Жіноча
Stone Natural
Size of a stone 3,4 mm
Metal Медичний сплав
Product length with a clasp 40 см

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